Classic Team Building Games

Published: 20th June 2011
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From more traditional team building programs in past years, like ropes and raft building, to the more dynamic offerings today, like Amazing Races, Cooking team building events like MasterChef and Hi Tech programs, the only thing that has really changed is the innovative thinking and delivery methods of today's suppliers.

Traditionally suppliers were usually former HR trainers, psychologists or had a military background, providing a good base to develop and deliver quality team training programs. Today the market is filled with everyone from slick business people with an interactive experience to sell, to former employees of team building companies with an entrepreneurial streak, to high flying extroverts with a skill for talking and presenting.

Yes it is all there on the internet for the buyers to view, scrutinise, and choose what type of team building initiative they are going to engage for the upcoming company off-site or away day!

Everything from bowling to basketball to canoeing to fitness activities are being promoted as team building programs these days. Without commenting on what experiences are value for money and will deliver a good ROI, to what is rubbish and will bore your team to death with their mediocrity, our challenge today is to give you the basics in where to start when looking for a great program that will provide you with bang for your buck!

Firstly, when you Google for ideas, it is important to realise that because a supplier is listed high on the sponsored links part of the page, doesn't always mean that they are the best option. Anyone can pay to appear on the sponsored links page!

When you have a short list of suitable programs or experiences, it is very important to do a quick reference check or background check on the suppliers in mind. Not all companies offer the quality programs purported on the endless flashy websites!

When you contact the supplier, the first thing that should be asked is what their experience in delivering team building programs and activities as, what professional indemnity insurance they have, and exactly who will be delivering the program and debrief.

Contingency plans should be available in most cases to cover weather issues, and you should receive a detailed program brief outlining exactly what is included for your spend, such as event insurance, risk assessment, and emergency plans to the basics like water and sunscreen, and location expenses like permits, garbage collection and and bump in/out times etc.

Your supplier should leave you confident in that your program will be delivered as it should be, is dynamic and fun, suits all participants, and will leave you stress free and receiving the kudos for organising in the first place!

Homo sapiens originated in Africa some 200,000 years ago. The modern human has a highly developed brain with the capacity for abstract reasoning, language and problem solving. It has been proved by DNA that all humans have a common ancestry. What has this got to do with team building? Well just as humans have a set of common ancestors, so do team building games! All the team building games which you can find on the internet (and goodness knows there is a plethora of them) have a common ancestry in team games developed by the military.

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